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We’re the bee’s knees!

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Honey Irene's Elixir

Here at Honey Irene’s Elixir, my goal is to promote self-love and body care. Learning your self-worth and value are of utmost importance to yourself and others around you. The human body is a vessel that carries us throughout our entire lives, so it’s crucial that we nourish and keep it in its best shape! Though loving yourself is a spiritual battle, it’s also physical.

I believe I can help in that process by providing a multitude of products that will aid your body in healing and keep you looking while also feeling your best! I make and package everything myself with love and care, transmitting my energy to you! Together we can grow and prosper, one scrub at a time!


Lemon Tree

Keeping in touch with nature will keep you grounded. Trees supply oxygen and when we take a moment to breath in embracing its full essence, we feel refreshed.. just like with this scrub. You’ll get a hint of lemon and soothing benefits of tea tree oil to help aid your skin in regeneration, like the earth.

Cocoa Muse

The name is derived from the chocolate and coconut that is used in its making, COCOnut ChOCOlAte. Muse is a play on words to “mousse”, but also “muse” which means goddess. Together “Chocolate Mousse” is a desert but “Cocoa Muse” is a desert for the soul.. the black woman beauty that it’s color represents


In a colony of bees.. the Honeycombs are the most delicate and protected, second to the queen. Human skin is the largest organ in the body and requires the most daily maintenance. This body scrub will leave your skin with a subtle hint of honey whilst filling your bathroom with a more pungent aroma of its floral sweetness.

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