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Kaiya Chester

My name is Kaiya Chester, I started my modeling career when I was 14 in Elk River, Minnesota. I am currently doing work through “Moore Creative Talent, Inc.” in Minneapolis! My goal with modeling is to connect to different kinds of amazing and talented people, whilst helping their visions become reality.

I have gained experience recently working with local photographers and getting myself freelance work in the Twin Cities. I love to travel with the intent of spreading self-love/worth, dedication, and positive energy to every soul I interact with. I aim to leave an impact and to be memorable to those that I work with and inspire young black girls from all walks of life.

I’m originally from Chicago, Illinois, and grew up partially in Milwaukee, Wisconsin before landing in Minnesota. This little girl that had no friends.. zero social skills and nonexistent self-confidence, and blossomed into what she believed she could be.. and so can you! Don’t wait to start the journey.

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