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Kaiya Chester

My name is Kaiya Chester, I started modeling when I was 14 in Elk River, Minnesota.  I am currently working independently, despite having years of contractual experience with agencies in Minnesota.  My goal with modeling is to connect to different kinds of amazing and talented people, whilst helping our visions become reality.

My work today consists of freelancing and trade-for-print shoots, however, I would love to model full-time if given the opportunity.  I love to travel with the intent of spreading self-love/worth, dedication, and positive energy to every soul I interact with. I aim to leave an impact and to be memorable to those that I work with and inspire young Black girls from all walks of life.


I was born in Chicago, Illinois but was raised  between Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Minneapolis, Minnesota. Growing up in different places gave me multi-cultural experiences which I have found to aid me quite a lot now that I am an adult.

I may take a bit to warm up to you, but I'm not the type to shy away from opportunities and put myself out there once I've grown comfortable.

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